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  • Reading: Resident Evil: Underworld ( re-reading )
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Since it was DeviantArt’s 14th Birthday the other day here is my DeviantArt story:  

Back when I first joined DeviantArt I was mostly filling sketchbooks full of rough sketches and original character designs rather than fully finished, full-coloured art pieces. My first big inspiration was the artwork of Tetsuya Nomura ( my favourite character designer / artist ) whose work inspired me to create my own characters and at the time of joining I was becoming influenced by the style of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto as well. At the time I was worried that my gallery looked very empty, so my first submission was a sketch of Asuka from Evangelion that I particularly liked followed by some work that I made for a friend’s forum ( which I also used for my DeviantArt icon ) and some art that I had made for and at some anime conventions.  

Asuka in Pencil  -  Evangelion by Tsuchinoko-chan

Land of Shadow Banner by Tsuchinoko-chan

I really enjoyed exploring the work of people in the same fandoms as myself and I was lucky enough to win an Easter competition that I entered in a Death Note fanclub. It made me really happy that it ended up getting over 1000 favourites and that it got such a good response. There were maybe two comments where people took it not as intended, but it really made my day whenever someone told me that it made them laugh =)  

Easter at Wammy's by Tsuchinoko-chan


This piece marks the first time that I felt I was beginning to feel confident with using the Pen Tool to create my cell shading.

Guilty Beauty Love by Tsuchinoko-chan

I later went on to join in with some other art projects and I had my first experience of working on a comic page as part of a team. Here I contributed the script, art and panel layout. It was an interesting challenge to fit a self-contained story within just one page since I would have naturally spread it out more over a larger number of panels. 

Cosplay Catastrophe by Tsuchinoko-chan

Another really nice moment came when I was asked by the DeviantArt Risembool Rangers if they could include one of my Ouran pieces in a professionally-printed book of fan-art that they were putting together as a surprise gift for Vic Mignogna ( who happens to also be my favourite voice actor ). He even filmed a nice video message afterwards thanking us for it ^^ This is the piece that I contributed to the book.  

Fixing Beary by Tsuchinoko-chan

Backgrounds are an area that I have always felt that I need to improve on, so these two are the pieces where I put the most effort into doing so.

The Light Before the Dark by Tsuchinoko-chan

Leave it to Me by Tsuchinoko-chan

So it was thanks to DeviantArt that I progressed in creating fully-coloured digital artwork since I felt driven to build up my gallery into something more substantial. It’s not the biggest gallery ever but I feel that it’s at least a reasonable size now. Back in the PS1 era around the time that the first Silent Hill game came out there was a piece of fan-art that I particularly liked. I always used to wish that I could create something that looked as professional ( it had been coloured digitally which I had no idea how to do at the time ) and felt that it was something that was way out of my reach. It kind of set the bar in my mind of where I wished that I could get to. Now recently I have thought of that piece again and realised that I have actually passed that milestone without being conscious of doing so. So I am generally pleased with my progress but of course I still have a whole list of things I still feel that I need to keep improving on ^^ This is my latest deviation at the time of posting this journal ( in which I had some practise at creating sunsets ).  

Zanzibar Breeze by Tsuchinoko-chan



Favourite genre of music: J-rock and guitar music in general ( both electric and acoustic )
Favourite style of art: Anime / cell-shaded style
Wallpaper of choice: Usually something from Death Note or Ouran High School Host Club
Favourite cartoon character: L, Matsuda, BB, Tamaki Suou, Grey Fox, Shinji Ikari, Kyo Sohma, Sousuke Sagara, Ling Yao
Personal Quote: '' If I sit the way other people do, my reasoning ability drops by 40% ''

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oh wow, thank you very much! That comment really made  my day considering i've been doubting my style a bit lately and how I used to have a tough time with poses. Thank you very much.
I have to say you're gallery is pretty cool (I only know deathnote when it comes down to anime but I wanted to compliment you on your ability to draw those characters recognizable in your own style! It looks really good!)
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Thanks so much =)
I guess sometimes we don't realise when we've improved because it's a gradual process ^^
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